How’s everyone doing?! Hope all is well!

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Courage is not defined by those who fought and did not fall … but those who fought, fell, and rose again.

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i have recently gained a lot of weight & over the past couple of months I've been trying to get into my old habits of loosing weight. all i do now is compare myself to what i used to look like & how perfect my life was. if i could go back & see myself now i would be so disappointed & disgusted. i dont know how i did it. its just so hard now & i need to be happy with myself again!!!! please hlp

This is  kind of related to the ask i just answered, But i’ll answer again. Honestly, recovery is a confusing time.

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i guess you can say that i have been recovering over the past few months but i didn't even try. i started to think that i could gain a couple more pounds and i would look more healthy & maybe eating more would make me happier but i just kept gaining. im sure this will make many people feel good about themselves and im ashamed to say that I've gained almost 20lbs since november. i want to be ana again i dont care what happens i want to be happy now. its still in my head and i cant get it to leave

Unfortunately, gaining or losing won’t get rid of your eating disorder. Itn your case, losing or “becoming ana again” (terrible wording) wont make you happier either. If anything, it will make you feel worse. Weight is just a small part of an eating disorder. Recovery is a lot of mental work. Changing the way you think.  To be happy again, id stay taking the first step towards recovery is your best bet. Ask for help. Let a professional give you the steps and tools to help yourself get to a better place. Good luck love!

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So I have a question. My girlfriend is struggling with an eating disorder, while I'm somewhat recovering from one. I want to support her, and help her get through this, but I really don't know how. Help?!

Sorry this is a late reply, Hopefully things are going a well!

I think this would actually be a good situation for you to both recover together and be able to support each other through recovery. You just have to talk and start to get the help she needs / continue on your path. 

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I absolutely love this blog, hope you don't mind me spamming your notes. Hope you're alright ♥

Of course its okay! You too :)

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Omg I can not love your page enough!!its so sad that I relate to most of these and that I got excited while reading them..but still! This is amazing, keep it up! I'm glad I bumped into you're blog! It's always nice to read relatable things <3

Thanks girlie! Glad you enjoy it :)

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Hello Everyone!

I’m sorry there haven’t been any updates! But I’m not doing much right now and in the next few weeks so please submit/confess/rant and spread the word about the blog so we can make it more active again! If you’re interested in helping out you can shoot us a message as well! And like always, if you ever need advice or someone to listen, feel free to send a message! I can even give you my email or other ways of communications if you want something more private! 
I always feel bad about not being active because this blog helped me a lot in the past, and I wan’t to be able to help people the same way. So not just this blog, but all of them on tumblr or other websites and the community that comes along with it, take advantage of the love and support because it can help! 

And have an amazing day/week/month/year/spring break!!!

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